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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Two Days headed West

Anne and I got away at about 7:30 a.m. on the 30th May, 2011 and began our travels.  We travelled first through Michigan and crossed back into Canada at Sault Ste Marie and spent the night there.  On day two, we have had spectacular scenery.  We actually got to see two different Moose along the way.  Gas through Northern Ontario averages $1.45 per litre.  Spending our second night at a great campsite along a stream in Nipigon.  All is well, despite, the new chip and crack to our windshield and crashing my oversize mirrors into a toll booth!  Will blog again soon.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Adventure is beginning--May30, 2011

Wow, the time is finally here.  We had a surprise Birthday party for our 24 year old daughter yesterday.  Her actual birthday is the 31st.  The trailer is home and final loading, packing and checking of lists is going on.  We will hopefully get an early start tomorrow morning(30th) and make our first day of travel to Sault Ste Marie, Ontario after travelling through Michigan.  Anne wants to get a quick ride to Chatham and back in this afternoon and I have to finish the lawn cutting so it is in good shape before we leave.  Thanks to all of our friends and their well wishes for us and the support for us throughout the trip.  We wish everyone a safe and happy summer.  We can be reached through our blog/ or email or text us on our cell phone.

See you all soon.

Brian and Anne

Monday, 23 May 2011

One week until the adventure Begins

Well it has been a busy week for Anne and I.  We have been doing alot of last minute preparations.  Making sure the trailer is clean and now we are packing it.  Seeing some friends who we will miss while we are away, contacting, Bell with internet and phone and also Shaw Satellite suspensions while we are away.  Paying bills and re-routing mail.  It is quite the process but we are close to having everything done.  Anne rode 90 kilometers yesterday from our home in Blenheim, to our daughters in St. Thomas, Ontario and plans a long ride on Wednesday again, from our home in Blenheim to Kettle Creek Golf Course in Pt. Stanley, Ontario.  I am golfing with my St. Thomas Buddies and then their wives will join us for lunch at the course.  Sunday will be final packing day of the trailer and we will be on the road first thing Monday morning(30thMay2011)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Crunch is on--17May2011

Well the trailer has been brought to Blenheim from Dresden today and is being stored at Anne's, Aunt and Uncles just down the road.  Tomorrow, weather permitting I plan on de-winterizing it so Anne can begin to store things away.  We have maps and plans coming out of our--you know whats.  We are busy trying to get to visit with as many people as we can and get all of our planning and arrangements taken care of before we leave.  Anne has been squeezing rides in between rain storms but we are truly ready and anxious to get things under way.

Saturday, 7 May 2011


Hello Everyone

Dare we think spring has arrived.  At least it has quit raining for a day or two.  They say no rain till tuesday which is great.  Anne has now been able to get three days of riding in between rain showers and now some sunshine is promised.  She is averaging 2 to 2.5 hours practice per day.  Today we drove to Rondeau Provincial Park and took the dog for a walk there. We were lucky enough to see a small owl in a tree and then a beautiful Oriole. Then I unloaded her bicycle and away she went, down Rose Line to Morpeth, then into Ridgetown and around Ridgetown and back along the Ridge Road to Blenheim.  We heard on the news that two students from Western are doing a ride across Canada starting May 9th.  I hope the weather is good for them, it seems a bit early.  The two cousins from Highgate that left about 2 weeks ago have been getting snow on their journey.  We are hoping to avoid snow.  Three weeks from tomorrow we should be on the road.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

We Are in Final Countdown

May 1st.  Anne thought it would never get here.  Four weeks from tomorrow, the adventure begins.  Yesterday Anne got out for a good ride.  Finally some sun.  She left Blenheim, riding along the Ridge Rd. to the Kent Bridge Rd to McKay's Corners.  There Anne met up with Retired Sgt. John Bloxham.  The two then continued east from McKay's Corners to 21 Hwy and then North into Thamesville.  John and Anne then had a lunch/breakfast at Mary's Restaurant in Thamesville, where they met up with another retired co-worker Albert Covemaker and his wife Mary.  After lunch, Anne and John went west along 2hwy to Kent Bridge.  They then crossed over the Thames River(south) and followed the River Line to Communication Rd.  John then continued into Chatham and Anne came north to Blenheim on Communication Rd.  A good ride. 

And of course, today it is raining again, so unsure if Anne will be able to get in a ride today.

Attached is a picture of Anne, John Bloxham, and Albert Covemaker.