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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Day 21, Jun28, 2011 Tuesday--Kindersley and Arrive Rosetown

Today was predicted to be very hot, 29C, so we left at 630AM.  After spending the night in Kindersley, Anne began an 83km ride early, hoping to beat the heat and headwinds.  Winds were out of the SE, and temp was 15C at 630AM.  She proceeded to ride through the "Bad Hills" Countryside which consisted of gentle rolling hills all along Hwy 7.  By 1130AM we arrived in Rosetown and set up camp in a local Campground.  Hopefully going to play golf at the Rosetown Golf and Country Club this afternoon  while Anne and Sassy enjoy a leisurely afternoon at the Park.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Day 20 - 27 June 2011 (Monday) Alsask, Sask. to Kindersley, Saskatchewan

Highway 9 turns into Highway 7 once you cross into Saskatchewan.  Today is a short day.  We need to stop in Kindersley to get groceries and do the laundry.  We need to stock up on fresh water for the trailer too.  We don't drink it though.  With our apologies to the environment, we are going through bottled water like crazy.  Whoever said the Prairies are flat, has not cycled around Kindersley!  There are some good climbs especially around Flaxcombe.  The winds were coming out of the East today, but not too hard.  The roadway is pretty good, with a nice wide shoulder.  The sunshine felt so good on my face.  I haven't seen any other riders in a long time, but I know they pretty much stick to the Trans-Canada Highway.  I reached Kindersley by lunch time.  Total ride today is 60 km.  I am attaching Brian's photo of the sunset last night.  Anne

During the ride, and just before Flaxcombe we came across some construction.  I (Brian) had been scouring the landscape for an antelope.  Of course, where do I see one, yes, while being led through the construction zone by a lead vehicle.  Yes to say the least I was !!!!!!!!  Oh well, maybe another time.


Day 19 - 26 June, 2011 (Sunday) Youngstown, Alberta to Alsask, SASKATCHEWAN

It started raining at about 3 a.m. and the wind was howling around the trailer.  By 9:20 a.m. the rain had stopped and the wind had decreased somewhat, so off I went.  Highway 9 looked like a ribbon of highway that followed a straight line into the horizon.  The roadway was flat until I reached the community of Cereal and then the hills started, but the winds were prevailing out of the Northwest, nudging me along.  Deep fissures in the road made for a bumpy ride and the shoulders of the road were rough.  I stayed primarily on the right side of the lane.  There was hardly any traffic.....just an occasional Airstream, that I played leapfrog with.  After 55 km, I met Brian at the side of the road near Oyen and we had lunch.  After the break, I decided to make “a run for the border!”  Only 37 km to go.    After Oyen the shoulder opened up nicely and was smoother.  The wind had picked up and blowing from the north, so I had to really hang on to the handlebars.  Oncoming trucks delivered a punch of air, strong enough to bend my helmet mirror back.  Still I was happy the wind was not blowing into my face.   Brian was waiting for me at the “Saskatchewan Naturally” Provincial border sign.  We stopped at a rest/camp area in Alsask for the night.  Total ride 92 km.

Day 18, 25th June, 2011 (Saturday)

Happy Birthday Drew! Wish we could be with you and Kate today.....! We woke up this morning, to gale force winds and pounding rain.  We hunkered down and waited for the weather to improve.  After lunch, the rain stopped.  I headed down the road towards Youngstown, Alberta.  The terrain was flat and I was able to move along nicely.  The winds were from the South, blowing across my bike, but not too strong.  My bike is only 15 pounds (Cannondale “Synapse”).  I cycled 52 km to Youngstown.  We decided not to go any farther as it was 4 p.m. and wanted to find a campsite for the night.  We picked the perfect spot.  Sassy was in heaven.  There was a gopher colony on site.  She ran all over the place checking out their holes.  Gordon and Anna, Gillian and Nathan, you would have laughed at her!

Day 17 June 24th, 2011 (Friday) Drumheller, Alberta to Hanna, Alberta

Brian and I “camped” in an R.V. parking lot across the road from Canadian Tire.  We had an appointment to get the oil changed first thing this morning.  Brian is a stickler for vehicle maintenance, especially with the load the Rav4 is hauling.  I set off at 8:40 a.m. knowing Brian would be at least 2 hours behind me.  I also knew that he would be babysitting the service manager, glancing at his watch!  I set off through the city, crossing the Red Deer River.  After a super downhill ride into Drumheller yesterday, I knew I was probably going to have to climb out.  I wasn’t disappointed.  It was a steep 5 km climb out of the city on Highway 9 East.  Highway 9 East actually goes due north for 20 km, before making a 90 degree turn.  It was a perfect day weather wise.  Clear, blue skies and 16 degrees.  After turning east, (staying on Hwy 9) the pavement quality improved and a nice, wide shoulder was available.  Some of the pasture land was under water and ducks had made nests in the “lakes”.  Some of the ducks did that running on water thing, squawking at me to move on.  Others stood at attention on their nests, giving me the evil eye.  Brian caught up with me 2.5 hours later.  We arrived at Hanna, Alberta around lunch time.  Hanna, Alberta’s claim to fame is the home of Nickleback.  We are told Chad Kruger (sp?) and another band member, were born and raised here.  Brian and I set up camp along the side of Hwy 9 and cycled into Hanna, to look around.  It is a very friendly, small town.

Day 16 June 23rd, 2011 Irricana, Alberta to Drumheller, Alberta

This morning Brian woke up and his eyes were swollen shut.  He thinks he had an allergic reaction to some flavoured peanuts he ate last night.  He looked like Uncle Festus from the Addams Family.   On our travels today, a pharmacy was located and we purchased an antihistamine.  I was on my way out of the campground by 8:55 a.m.  It was a beautiful sunny morning (17 degrees).  My first task was to go north on Highway 9.  When I got to the intersection I turned the wrong way, but my trusty compass soon pointed out my mistake and I turned around.  In 12 km, I passed the town of Beiseker on my left.  Next I rolled past the town of Acme and turned East on to Hwy 575.  Rolling countryside, pasture lands and fields were everywhere. There were some climbs, but very manageable with a few gear changes.   Lots of Redtail hawks were about, some following me.  They would thrust their head forward and scream to the sky’s just like in a Clint Eastwood movie.  The day got hotter and when I got to Drumheller it was 27 degrees.  Drumheller is famous for the dinosaur discoveries here in the Badlands.  Looking at the short front legs of the Tyranosaurus Rex, we think perhaps Sassy has dinosaur blood in her!  Tonight, the sky clouded over and the wind changed around and dust blew through the city.  Total kilometres today was 75.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Day 15, 22Jun, 2011 Ghost Lake, Alberta to Irricana, Alberta

I was on the road by 8:30 a.m., under clear blue sky's with puffy, white clouds.  The road to Cochrane was an easy ride.  Turning north on Highway #22 was a different story.  (It was 4.5 km straight UP.  I exagerate only slightly!) As the gears moved downward, the mosquito's moved inward! But it was here, on my left, that I took my last look at the Rockies.  Twas kinda sad.  Lush green pastures have taken over.  A nice downhill, took me to my next roadway, Hwy 567.  The Rockies have nothing on this road.  Dramatic ups and paralyzing downhills.  Before I turned on to Hwy 772, Brian was waiting for me, with a chocolate pudding, a granola bar and a pep talk! He had also collected a bag of garbage that perhaps previous cyclists had deposited (rain coats, water bottles, cans). Hwy 772 was a little kinder to the legs.  This is Cowboy Country.  I can see why folks from Alberta, are so proud of their beef.  Big, clean animals, grazing on lush grasses.  And beautiful horses on every farm.  Turning back on to Hwy 567 we headed into Airdrie.  We had a nice buffet lunch at the Best Western Hotel.  Brian headed off for the grocery store and I headed out on the bike.  By 3 p.m. we were both in Irricana, Alberta.  I cycled 92 km today.  We are staying at the Town of Irricana Campsite.  A really nice well-maintained campground, and

reasonable priced.   Attached is the Campground Office!

Day 14, Tuesday 21Jun, 2001--Banff to Ghost Lake Alberta

At 920AM, Anne left the campgrounds with 11 degrees Celcius and clear skys.  Out to Highway 1, then 1A.
It was a fairly hilly ride, and at 1130 am we arrived in a little town called Kananaskis, where there was a great golf course.  It was called Brewster's Kananaskis Ranch Golf Course.  18 tough holes with beautiful scenery.  So we took the time and I was able to play the course.  We had to drive another 30 kilometers to Ghost Lake to get a safe place to camp, so after supper Anne and I both biked back 15 kilometers and then back to camp to make up for the ride.  Total Kilometers for the day was 71

Day 13 June 20th, 2011 (Monday) Lake Louise to Banff, Alberta

It was just a beautiful day as I set off from the Lake Louise Campground.  I headed down the Bow Valley Parkway (Highway 1A).  No trucks are allowed on this roadway and there was hardly any traffic at all.  The speed limit was 60 km/hr.  The trees come right up to the roadway and the mountains are all around me.  (I am on full bear alert!!)  At one point, I had to put on my rain jacket as it had started to rain.  I felt like “Little Red Riding Hood”.  The rain soon cleared and the sun came out.  The climbs were not too steep and the downhills were frequent.  About half way through my ride, I was joined by another cyclist, Adam.  He is visiting Canada from Melbourne, Australia, with his wife and 3 children.  We came upon 3 elk grazing at the side of the road and further on down, there was a group of long horn sheep, huddled under a bridge.  I completed 61 km today.  Brian and I set up camp in the Tunnel Mountain Campground.  We enjoyed looking around Banff this afternoon.  Very trendy! 
P.S. Just after midnight, I peeked out the window and saw 3 elk grazing by our trailer! One of them had a (radio) collar on.  To Miss Blythe’s school children, Trent and Kenzie, Logan and Mia.....I wondered if the one with the collar was one of Santa’s helpers??

Monday, 20 June 2011

Day 12 June 19th, 2011 (Sunday) Golden B.C. to Lake Louise, ALBERTA!

Happy Fathers Day Brian! And WOW, what a day!! I had no intention of cycling to Lake Louise, but that is where we ended up! It was raining when we got up.  We hit McDonalds and had a coffee and updated the blog.  I hit the road at 10:45 a.m.  It was 13 degrees, overcast and raining! My first challenge was a brutal 8 km climb out of town.  To make things interesting....there was construction.  Bright orange pilons moving lanes of traffic.  I think I looked like a moving pilon, as I had on bright orange rain pants and a red rain jacket!  The winding road, appeared to cling to the side of the mountain.  It was so beautiful all around me.  I remembered my father and Howard with the fondest of memories.  Giant mesh screens were in some places, trying to hold back boulders from the roadway.  At the end of the climb there was a glorious downhill, over the Kicking Horse River.  The next signs advised of 10 Mile Hill.  Really?  Yes really.  Up went Flo (my bike) and I.  Parts of the mountain had beel blasted to put the road through.  It was here that I saw  a long horn sheep.  After riding 17.9 km, it started to pour.  I hooked up with Brian and had a little lunch break to warm up.  The rain let up and out I went again.  Good timing.  I met up with Neil, (from Scotland) and a fellow Trans-Canada cyclist.  We chatted away the miles and before I knew it, 55.1 km were done and I was in Field, B.C. which was our goal for the day.  I was soaked and Brian made us a fabulous lunch and we warmed by the fireplace in the information center.  Neil was moving on, through Kicking Horse Pass towards Lake Louise.  Insanity took over and I was heading up the highway with Flo and Neil.  Kicking Horse Pass was all uphill, but mind over matter.  I rolled into Lake Louise at 4:38 p.m.  I had climbed over 1000 m today.  Brian and I saw bear and elk.  Apparently they don't mind the rain.  Neil actually went on to Banff, as he had to be in Calgary the next day.  Brian and I found a nice campsite at Lake Louise. Total ride today was 82.9km

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Day 11 June 18th, 2011 Continuing on to Golden B.C.

Yesterday, as I was peddling uphill most of the day, I kept telling myself to "Go With The Flow".  I said it so many times, that finally I realized that I had named my bike.  Yes....her name is Flo! (I may be suffering from altitude sickness!)  Bear with me!  I don't mind saying Flo and I were none to eager to set off again this monring, but once we got going we were fine.  Lot's of hill climbing again, but some good downhills too.  The mountains were veiled in the clouds and every now and again, snow-covered peaks would pop through.  There was a misty rain again, giving the feeling of a tropical rain forest.  I knew we had a short day and waiting for us in Golden were grocery stores and a laundramat.  I knew I was getting close when I saw a trucker raise a Tim Horton's cup to his mouth.  Brian stuck pretty close this morning and we both prayed that the heavy rain would hold off.  As I entered Golden, I searched for our car and trailer and lo and behold there it was....IN THE TIM HORTON'S PARKING LOT! Golden is a city that caters to the ski industry.  Kicking Horse Ski Resort is perched above the city.  You can see the runs coming down the mountains.  Heli skiing is very popular here.  (I'm not the only one suffering from altitude sickness!!)  We enjoyed walking around the City. 

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Day 10, 17Jun2011

After spending a good part of yesterday at Canyon Hot Springs, soaking in the Mineral Water Pool and just relaxing, Anne faced a tough day.
We awoke to clouds and 12C but no rain, so Anne decided to push on.  It is a 33km uphill ride from Canyon Hot Springs to the Summit of Rogers Pass and that was the main goal for the day.  I managed to get Anne on her way at 8:25Am while I finished up getting the trailer ready to go.  After about 17 km I pulled the trailer over on the side of the road to wait for Anne to clear a couple of snowsheds.  While waiting for Anne, I noticed a black bear on the far side of the river strolling along.  The bear avoided going into a train tunnel, and began to cross a band of snow.  I managed to snap a few pictures from quite a distance.
After 22km, I was pulled over in an area of Rogers Pass waiting for Anne to go by again, when I looked to my right and saw a small train junction called ROSS PEAK.  So I got out of my car, and snapped a picture to forward to my Aunt Alta. 
At 1054, Mountain Pacific Time, Anne reached the summit of Rogers Pass at 1330metres high.  It was a very emotional point for both of us.  Also at the summit is a monument that signifies the opening of the Trans Canada Highway.  The TCH was opened on 03Sep1962 by John Diefenbaker.
Anne cycled another 11 km and we broke for lunch.  She continued on, but it began to rain, so after 70 km we called it a day.  Camp was set up in a pull off on the highway on the north side, 40 km west of Golden BC.

You can see the bear, just to the right of the rock path on the snow.  He was a long ways away.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Day 9, 16Jun2011

The next couple of days are forecasted to be cold and wet.  We decided to head for Canyon Hot Springs and soak our bones.  I crossed over the Columbia River in Revelstoke, on a two lane bridge.  Alot of the bridges are narrow and you have to get on and get off as quick as you can.  It was a steep climb out of Revelstoke, but nice wide shoulders.  The tractor trailer drivers have been awesome.   They always slow down and move over as far as they can.  The winds today were out of the South, and mainly at my back.  My compass indicated I was heading north for the most part.  Not many downhills today, but the ones I had, left me chilly, then the climbs left me sweating!  Same old scenery...snow covered mountains, fast rushing streams, colourful wildflowers. Sorry, but it just doesn’t ever get boring! We passed Avalanche warning signs and another one, warning not to stop for Wild Animals.  Really, do people have to be told that??? We were in Canyon Hot Springs by noon (40 km today) and were soon soaking in the hot springs.  Tomorrow will be a test, as we head for the Rogers Pass.  I will start off with a 33 km climb, so we are praying for clear weather.....and a tail wind!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Day 8, June 15th, Sicamous to Revelstoke, B.C.

It rained again through the night.  We weighed our options and the executive decision to head to Tim Hortons was made.  The next big decision was to Git R Done!  I set off from Sicamous at 9:15a.m. under cloudy skys, but raingear ready.  This turned into another favourite day.  The climbing wasn't bad and I soon met Brian at Craigalachie.  I know you all recognize the name from your history lessons.  The last spike was driven into the railway there on November 7th, 1885 joining Western Canada to Eastern Canada.  So photo's were taken and I got some retail therapy done in the gift shop, before setting off for Revelstoke.  OH MY GOSH!  The scenery was beyond beautiful.  The upper elevation glacier fields are in their spring melts and perhaps the steady rain helped, but the streams running down from the mountains were gushing as they shattered on the rocks. The streams flowing around the roadways were mesmerizing.  I know Brian and Sassy were stopping along the way and snapping pictures like crazy.  (I did too!)  Near Three Valley, you can see the roadway and rail lines wrap around two mountains.  We stopped for the night in a campground just on the west edge of Revelstoke.  We are heading out for dinner and to watch the Stanley Cup final shortly.  I cycled 65 km today.

Day 7, 14Jun2011 Sorrento to Salmon Arm to Sicamous, B.C.

It rained all night.  It sounded wonderful on the outer skin of the Airstream.  I was apprehensive about riding in the rain, but I really wanted to make Sicamous (pronounced Sick-A-Moose).  I decided to wear my Livestrong shirt and change my mental outlook...positive kharma! (Thanks for the shirt Betty.)  I put the shirt under my lime green, long sleeve biking shirt.  After a hearty breakfast of porridge, I was on the road by 8:15 a.m.  It was overcast, but it looked like I was heading for the sunshine.  I've come to realize that communities are typically built in valleys where the soil settled and the roads were built in the mountains......for no apparent reason!!!  The temperature was 13 degrees and I soon fell in love with the day.  I arrived in the busy city of Salmon Arm at 9:35 a.m.  The mountains rose from Salmon Arm (the name of the large river in the city) and rose into the clouds and disappeared.  The climb out of Salmon Arm was a long workout, but the scenery was so beautiful.  I arrived in Sicmous around lunchtime.  I cycled 61 km.  Brian was happy to head to the Eagle River Golf Club, while Sassy and I took the afternoon off.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Day 6, 13Jun2011

It rained all night, so I decided to wait until the roads were drier.  I was off and peddling though, by 9:25 a.m. under cloudy, ominous sky's.  It was a comfortable 15 degrees.  The next town after Pritchard was Chase.  Our daughter-in-law Kate's maiden name is Pritchard and Drew and Kate's cat is called Chase!  Just outside of Chase is a steep 1 1/2 km climb and it levels out a bit after, but continues to climb.  There is a beautiful lake beside the roadway, but I was looking more at the dark clouds coming my way.  The wind Gods were also against me!  As I came into Sorrento, it was just starting to rain, when lo and behold, Prince Brian pulled up with my charriott!  I wasn't interested in another outdoor shower!  So when the going gets tough, the tough go......golfing? Yep, Brian found the Sunshore Golf Club back in Chase and dodged the showers and played 18.  Attached you will see the beautiful rainbow over the golf course.

Day 5-Merritt to Pritchard, B.C. June 12, 2011

I was on the road by 8:20 a.m.  I departed Merritt via Highway 5A.  This will go down as my favourite day and my worst far!  The day started out so perfect.  Beautiful, sunny weather and gently rolling landscape, framed by the Rockie Mountains.  Traffic was light.  I soon came upon Nicola Lake.  It was like glass and the lone canoeist, I saw was obviously enjoying the same scenery I was.  The Village of Nicola, had high water in a park.  Eventually, I came to Stump Lake and then Trapp Lake.  I was fortunate to see Bald Eagles, Baltimore Orioles, 2 deer and butterfly bushes loaded with butterflys.  I was 19 km south of Kamloops, when I started an uphill climb that would stretch for 4 1/2 km.  On the other side of the climb was a 9% grade descent.  Brian was waiting for me on the outskirts of Kamloops with a hot bowl of soup ready to go.  I had already consumed some fruit and granola bars and 4 bottles of water!
I had made up my mind to push the limits and press on to Pritchard.  I turned on to the Trans Canada Highway in the middle of Kamloops and what a ride.  It was all downhill.  My hands went numb clutching the brakes, trying to stay in control of my bike.  As I cleared the city, the skys darkened and the rain started.  I arrived in Pritchard soaking wet and TIRED.  I had riden 133 km.  We camped at the Ponderosa Campground. 

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Day 4, 11Jun2011

From Britton Creek Rest Area to Merritt--60Km, alot less climbing.  Anne got away from the rest area at 8Am today and most of the riding was easier today.  Anne saw a deer early on in her ride along the fence and enjoyed the scenery while moving along at 25km an hour.  We met up on two different occassions, once at the 30km, and again at 45 km for short breaks and arrived in Merritt by 1130AM.  After lunch at Subway, we located the Claybrook RV park where we will rest and spend the night.  Tomorrow it is off to Kamloops.

Day 3, 10Jun2011

Leaving Hope and Heading towards Merritt BC.  Today is a tough day.  Anne left Hope BC at 8am in 16C weather.  Slightly overcast.  I spent some time in town, getting a hair cut, some groceries and updating email and household duties in the trailer.  Hope BC is 39metres above sea level and today Anne rode 56 Km climbing over 1200 metres.  We decided to take a break and spent the night at Britton Creek Rest Area.  Anne was very tired and sore but  had a satisfying ride.  A bear on the side of the road left her a little shaken but she took a picture and headed on.

The highlight I am sure was when she saw she was at the summit of the mountain she was climbing.  The trip was all along 5 Hwy.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Day 2--09Jun2011 Mission BC to Hope BC

At 8AM , Anne left Mission BC to ride the 75Km to Hope BC.  Alot of the terrain was flat but there were a couple of areas with challenging hills.  I think Anne found one of the downhills more exciting holding onto the breaks.  Lots of wild roses and lillies to see.  The weather was 16C and overcast. 

Anne spent the afternoon reading and resting, while I went and played the local golf Course.   Hope Golf Club

What a beautiful little course.

Another great day and off to Mitchell tomorrow.  Expected to be one of the toughest days because it is 111km all uphill.  Anne may split it into two days.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

THE MAIN EVENT-DAY 1 08 June, 2011

At 11:00AM 08Jun2011, Anne dipped the rear tire of her bicycle into the waters of the Pacific Ocean and began her ride.  She rode from Vancouver to Mission for her first day, a distance of 60 km.  Little did she know that I had spotted a cut in her front tire today just before setting her off, so I kept that little secret till she got to Mission.  Once safely back in Mission B.C., I changed our first tire of the trip.  Brian

Thanks to everyone, for your well wishes.  It means alot to know that you are cheering us on! I am so glad that Brian didn't tell me about the cut in my tire.  For sure, I would have worried about it.  Under sunny skies, I dipped my tire and rode to Mission.  I was so excited, I hardly noticed the head wind.  I did notice beautiful pond lilies blooming in the drainage ditches.  Wild roses are in bloom and in Ruskin, there is the sweet fragrance of chipped cedar.  Sassy is happy to be the navigator in the front seat now! 60 km down, 8000 to go! Anne

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Today, 07Jun, 2011 travelled from Kamloops to Mission B.C.

What should have been a short day, turned into a little longer day, because all of the campgrounds are under what from the run-off of melting snow from the Mountains.  So we have ended up in a hotel for two nights. 

We are meeting a friend, that I worked with some 35 years ago.  Brian Klinkenberg is now a professor at the University of B.C. and tomorrow morning we are meeting with an old co-workers son, who is now an RCMP officer in Langley, BC.  Then Anne will dip her rear tire in the Pacific and begin her ride.

Calgary to Kamloops 06Jun2011-06-06

We had spent the night(04Jun2011) in a motel in the South end of Calgary, and got to see game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Anne and I spent the 05Jun2011 , with our friends the REHMANS.    In the morning, we moved Truck and Trailer to Shaw-Nee Slopes Golf Course.  While Meara, Mel and I played golf,  Anne went on a bicycle tour of Fish Creek Trails.  We then moved to the Rehmans farm, where we spent an enjoyable evening with our friends and had a great supper, thanks to our hosts.

On the 06 Jun, 2011 we were on the road travelling by 845am.  What a lovely ride.  Canada’s scenery at its best.  Words can barely describe it.  We travelled 600 km today, through mountains, past Banff and Lake Louise and along rivers, it was just gorgeous.  Tonight we are parked in an area by the Valley View Nature Park and Kamloops arena.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

We Have Arrived in Calgary

Wow, what a country we have.  After 3 days and a few hours we entered into Manitoba.  Our 6 cylinder Rav 4 with our 23’ Flying Cloud are towing wonderfully.  The scenery is beautiful.  While travelling through northern Ontario we saw Moose along the road on 3 different occasions but unfortunately, it was not a safe spot to pull over for a photo op.  While parked in a vacant lot for the night near Kenora, Ontario, I stepped out the door of the trailer and there was a white tailed doe staring at me.  That was our third night in the trailer.  On our 4th day of travel we saw the devastation that Manitoba and Saskatchewan farmers are facing with the flooding.  (OMG)  We spent the 4th night parked in a little  town called Moosomin Manitoba,  near an old grain elevator .  Lots of water laying around near the railroad tracks and while parked having dinner, yes, a BEAVER strolled past our trailer.  Anne and I spent some time walking around the town, checking out the stores before calling it a night. (We had forgotten how loud a train can be, especially when parked within 30’ of the rail lines.)
On our 5th day, we travelled through the rest of Manitoba and along to MAPLE CREEK, SASK.  We camped in a nice RV Park called Eagle Valley Park Campgrounds with easy drive through lots and very reasonably priced.  While travelling through the prairies, saw two coyotes running in fields and lots of ducks in the flooded areas.

Two of the photo's attached are of the Terry Fox Memorial in Thunder Bay.  The deer is the one that was outside our trailer in Kenora.  While in Canada's badlands we saw two Antelope in the vast grasslands.