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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Day 9, 16Jun2011

The next couple of days are forecasted to be cold and wet.  We decided to head for Canyon Hot Springs and soak our bones.  I crossed over the Columbia River in Revelstoke, on a two lane bridge.  Alot of the bridges are narrow and you have to get on and get off as quick as you can.  It was a steep climb out of Revelstoke, but nice wide shoulders.  The tractor trailer drivers have been awesome.   They always slow down and move over as far as they can.  The winds today were out of the South, and mainly at my back.  My compass indicated I was heading north for the most part.  Not many downhills today, but the ones I had, left me chilly, then the climbs left me sweating!  Same old scenery...snow covered mountains, fast rushing streams, colourful wildflowers. Sorry, but it just doesn’t ever get boring! We passed Avalanche warning signs and another one, warning not to stop for Wild Animals.  Really, do people have to be told that??? We were in Canyon Hot Springs by noon (40 km today) and were soon soaking in the hot springs.  Tomorrow will be a test, as we head for the Rogers Pass.  I will start off with a 33 km climb, so we are praying for clear weather.....and a tail wind!

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