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Saturday, 4 June 2011

We Have Arrived in Calgary

Wow, what a country we have.  After 3 days and a few hours we entered into Manitoba.  Our 6 cylinder Rav 4 with our 23’ Flying Cloud are towing wonderfully.  The scenery is beautiful.  While travelling through northern Ontario we saw Moose along the road on 3 different occasions but unfortunately, it was not a safe spot to pull over for a photo op.  While parked in a vacant lot for the night near Kenora, Ontario, I stepped out the door of the trailer and there was a white tailed doe staring at me.  That was our third night in the trailer.  On our 4th day of travel we saw the devastation that Manitoba and Saskatchewan farmers are facing with the flooding.  (OMG)  We spent the 4th night parked in a little  town called Moosomin Manitoba,  near an old grain elevator .  Lots of water laying around near the railroad tracks and while parked having dinner, yes, a BEAVER strolled past our trailer.  Anne and I spent some time walking around the town, checking out the stores before calling it a night. (We had forgotten how loud a train can be, especially when parked within 30’ of the rail lines.)
On our 5th day, we travelled through the rest of Manitoba and along to MAPLE CREEK, SASK.  We camped in a nice RV Park called Eagle Valley Park Campgrounds with easy drive through lots and very reasonably priced.  While travelling through the prairies, saw two coyotes running in fields and lots of ducks in the flooded areas.

Two of the photo's attached are of the Terry Fox Memorial in Thunder Bay.  The deer is the one that was outside our trailer in Kenora.  While in Canada's badlands we saw two Antelope in the vast grasslands.

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  1. "...but unfortunately, it was not a safe spot to pull over for a photo op."

    I thought you were going to say " it was not a safe spot to pull over for a firearms op..." :>)

    Great to hear you're enjoying the scenery, Brian and Anne. Sounds like you both have the Dr. Dolittle touch...

    Not much to report back home. Tomorrow morning at 7:00, I'll be typing informations for Al. Let's just say, you two are definitely having more fun than I am right now...

    Talk to you soon,