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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Day 11 June 18th, 2011 Continuing on to Golden B.C.

Yesterday, as I was peddling uphill most of the day, I kept telling myself to "Go With The Flow".  I said it so many times, that finally I realized that I had named my bike.  Yes....her name is Flo! (I may be suffering from altitude sickness!)  Bear with me!  I don't mind saying Flo and I were none to eager to set off again this monring, but once we got going we were fine.  Lot's of hill climbing again, but some good downhills too.  The mountains were veiled in the clouds and every now and again, snow-covered peaks would pop through.  There was a misty rain again, giving the feeling of a tropical rain forest.  I knew we had a short day and waiting for us in Golden were grocery stores and a laundramat.  I knew I was getting close when I saw a trucker raise a Tim Horton's cup to his mouth.  Brian stuck pretty close this morning and we both prayed that the heavy rain would hold off.  As I entered Golden, I searched for our car and trailer and lo and behold there it was....IN THE TIM HORTON'S PARKING LOT! Golden is a city that caters to the ski industry.  Kicking Horse Ski Resort is perched above the city.  You can see the runs coming down the mountains.  Heli skiing is very popular here.  (I'm not the only one suffering from altitude sickness!!)  We enjoyed walking around the City. 

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