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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Day 8, June 15th, Sicamous to Revelstoke, B.C.

It rained again through the night.  We weighed our options and the executive decision to head to Tim Hortons was made.  The next big decision was to Git R Done!  I set off from Sicamous at 9:15a.m. under cloudy skys, but raingear ready.  This turned into another favourite day.  The climbing wasn't bad and I soon met Brian at Craigalachie.  I know you all recognize the name from your history lessons.  The last spike was driven into the railway there on November 7th, 1885 joining Western Canada to Eastern Canada.  So photo's were taken and I got some retail therapy done in the gift shop, before setting off for Revelstoke.  OH MY GOSH!  The scenery was beyond beautiful.  The upper elevation glacier fields are in their spring melts and perhaps the steady rain helped, but the streams running down from the mountains were gushing as they shattered on the rocks. The streams flowing around the roadways were mesmerizing.  I know Brian and Sassy were stopping along the way and snapping pictures like crazy.  (I did too!)  Near Three Valley, you can see the roadway and rail lines wrap around two mountains.  We stopped for the night in a campground just on the west edge of Revelstoke.  We are heading out for dinner and to watch the Stanley Cup final shortly.  I cycled 65 km today.

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