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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Day 3, 10Jun2011

Leaving Hope and Heading towards Merritt BC.  Today is a tough day.  Anne left Hope BC at 8am in 16C weather.  Slightly overcast.  I spent some time in town, getting a hair cut, some groceries and updating email and household duties in the trailer.  Hope BC is 39metres above sea level and today Anne rode 56 Km climbing over 1200 metres.  We decided to take a break and spent the night at Britton Creek Rest Area.  Anne was very tired and sore but  had a satisfying ride.  A bear on the side of the road left her a little shaken but she took a picture and headed on.

The highlight I am sure was when she saw she was at the summit of the mountain she was climbing.  The trip was all along 5 Hwy.

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