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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

THE MAIN EVENT-DAY 1 08 June, 2011

At 11:00AM 08Jun2011, Anne dipped the rear tire of her bicycle into the waters of the Pacific Ocean and began her ride.  She rode from Vancouver to Mission for her first day, a distance of 60 km.  Little did she know that I had spotted a cut in her front tire today just before setting her off, so I kept that little secret till she got to Mission.  Once safely back in Mission B.C., I changed our first tire of the trip.  Brian

Thanks to everyone, for your well wishes.  It means alot to know that you are cheering us on! I am so glad that Brian didn't tell me about the cut in my tire.  For sure, I would have worried about it.  Under sunny skies, I dipped my tire and rode to Mission.  I was so excited, I hardly noticed the head wind.  I did notice beautiful pond lilies blooming in the drainage ditches.  Wild roses are in bloom and in Ruskin, there is the sweet fragrance of chipped cedar.  Sassy is happy to be the navigator in the front seat now! 60 km down, 8000 to go! Anne

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