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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Conclusion 24August, 2011 thru 29Aug, 2011-08-31

Well, after yesterday the final leg of our adventure is beginning.  First though I need to say how proud I am of Anne completing her quest.  I had no doubt in my mind when this all began, that she would, and she did.  Way to go sweetheart.
After all was done yesterday, we headed for a small town known as Baddeck, Nova Scotia where we camped at Ventures East Campground.  So after a good nights’ rest, we got up to another beautiful day and took off on a tour of the Cabot Trail.  This time, Anne was driving the Toyota while Flo and the trailer were left behind.  The day long trip around the Cabot Trail was certainly worth it, the scenery was amazing.
We arrived back at the campgrounds around 430pm and decided we should go out for supper at “Baddecks Lobster Supper” Restaurant .  This was a different experience but one I personally loved.  Upon entering the restaurant you choose which main course you would like, only three choices, lobster, steak or planked salmon.  Prices range from 29.00 to 35.00 per meal.  Now that you have made that choice you are seated and the fun begins.  Unlimited fresh bread and rolls, chowder, mussels, salads, desserts and non-alcoholic beverages come with this meal.  Yes unlimited everything except the main course.  Wow what a deal!  After a very enjoyable supper Anne and I took a walk down to the Marina, where we met and visited with a couple from Puce, Ontario.
On the 25th, Anne and I decided to head to Truro, Nova Scotia for the day.  Anne spent a relaxing afternoon in the trailer, while I played 18 holes of golf at River Run Golf Course at 922 West North River Rd. North River, N.S. (on the edge of Truro)  We spent the night in a large lot in Truro.
On the 26th, prior to leaving Truro, N.S., we got the oil changed in the Rav4, at the Canadian Tire.  Then it was on the road for Moncton, N.B. to visit with Randy and Sue.  We arrived early afternoon at Randy and Sue’s and the visit began.  Always great to visit with friends, and this was no exception.  Sassy was so excited to have a house to move around in.  I think she hated to leave.  The four of us went to a great Restaurant in Shediac called the Greenhouse and had a great meal.  We went back to Randy and Sue’s for dessert. Sue had made a wonderful, cake/pie in celebration of Anne’s Ride.
On the 27th, the first thing we did was check on the progress of Hurricane Irene.  In Moncton the skies were clear and blue, barely a breeze.  The weather channel indicated that Irene should not arrive in the area until 2am Monday morning, so the decision is made to stay, as originally planned and leave Sunday morning.  Randy and I took off for golf, leaving the girls alone to enjoy talk and shopping.  The girls also shopped for supper.  Randy and Sue put on a fantastic supper, way too much to eat, (sliders, scallops, mussels, shrimp, mashed potatoes, green beans)  Thanks Randy and Sue.  We relaxed and just enjoyed the rest of the evening talking and laughing.
August 28th, we were up at 6am and on the road by 7am.  The weather channel was still saying that we could expect Hurricane Irene’s arrival in Quebec and the Maritimes late Sunday night, early Monday morning.  So we took off hoping to get west of Montreal today.  However Irene began moving over the land quicker than expected.  By the time we had reached Beaumont, Que (just east of Quebec City)  the weather situation was declining rapidly and the trailer was bouncing in the wind on the highway.  Anne pulled off the Highway by a petro Can gas station.  We filled the car up with gas, and in the large lot beside the Petro-Can we pulled the vehicle and trailer into position facing the wind.  I got out and locked the levellers into place and into the trailer we went to ride out the storm.  Lots of wind and rain, at one point I took Sassy out for her business and she was blown off the steps of the trailer.  The storm raged on throughout most of the night, but by morning the skies were clearing.
August 29th, 2011 we were on the road by 7am determined to make this our last day on the road.  1082 km later, 16 hours after beginning our day on the road, we arrived in Blenheim bringing us to the conclusion of our adventure which had begun on May 30th, 2011.
Anne rode her bicycle 6530 km from Vancouver B.C to Sydney N.S., Our total travel distance from the time we left until we got home we covered 14,542 km.
In conclusion, again Anne, I am so proud of you.  You did it, some days it was difficult, but you just kept going and did a fantastic job.
I also would like to thank, Blythe, Drew and Kate, Bo and Meli, and Rodrigue for all of their support, throughout this trip.  It was a great help.
To all our friends, old and new, who also supported us along this adventure.  Your texts, emails and phone calls were great support.  The kindness of people we met along the way was great for the soul.  Yes, there are many great Canadians out there.  Thank-you to everyone.



Cake for Mum
Love Blythe

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Day 77 - Big Pond, Nova Scotia to SYDNEY, NOVA SCOTIA (Atlantic Ocean)

Well we are! You have heard all about the rocks, the tree's, the hills and the suffering! I'm sure there was all of that again today, but it went by in a blur.  I had 37 km to think about all of the wonderful people who have supported me over the past 77 days.  It poured rain all night!  We had no intention of not getting on that bike, though!  It cleared up about 15 minutes after breakfast and Brian was out pumping up the tires and drying off the seat!  I was soaking wet, pretty quick, but honestly it felt like my feet were on fire! At 10:30 a.m. I was near the big fiddle in Sydney and dipping the front tire in the Atlantic Ocean.  The sun was shining...literally!  It turned out to be a fine day. 
Most of you know that I have dedicated my ride to bringing about awareness of impaired driving.  When I was 8 years old, my best friend, Brenda Jean Handy was killed by a drunk driver, while riding her bicycle to my house.  Brenda was almost 11 years old.  Brenda was my first role model.  She was an accomplished athlete at many sports, swimming, skating, baseball, and track and field.  She was the one, that told me, "Yes you can" at a very early age.  She taught me many things and one of them was to never give up.  Brenda has been gone for almost 44 years and I still miss her.  Yesterday I wished her Mum a Happy Birthday.  Her parents have been like parents to me. So to Brenda, I will always be grateful for the lessons she taught me.
I am also so very grateful to my family and friends, for all the love and support they have shown to Brian and I over the past 77 days.  More than you will ever know, your thoughts have touched us deeply.  Bo, Melissa, Drew, Kate, Blythe, and Rodrigue thank you for your special touches.  We have missed you all very much and look forward to seeing you soon.
And Brian, how can I ever thank you for EVERYTHING!  Not many husbands would give up their golf membership to follow their wife across the country.  Above and beyond the call of duty.  I could not have done this without you!  Thank you!
I have tried to give complete instructions about our route and the terrain, in case any of you want to do the same trip.  If any of you take complete leave of your senses and decide to make the trip, call me first.  I have loads of tips that may make the trip a little easier.  There will be one more blog entry from Brian when we get home.  But this is it from me....signing off from Sydney, Nova Scotia.  Anne
Flo gets dipped in the Atlantic

The Last Morning begins

Day 76 - 22 August, 2011 - Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia to Big Pond, Nova Scotia

Happy Birthday Aunt Eva~! I would have loved to have finished on your birthday.....but it was not meant to be.  I was on the road, by 8:10 a.m., on a beautiful, clear day.  I left Port Hawkesbury and headed to Hwy 104.  This is a controlled access highway; nice pavement and a decent shoulder.  Lots of hills to negotiate.  It was 40 km to St. Peters where Hwy 104 ended and Hwy 4 took over and from there is was downhill....sort of.  It was actually up steep hills on poor pavement with no shoulder.  Drivers were less tolerant of cyclists, too.  (Probably sick of the cross country cyclists by now!)  It was really pretty though, following Bras d'Or Lake.  Sailboats anchored offshore with a hilly, tree covered backdrop.  After 30 km of back breaking hills, I came to 5 km of construction.  Beyond the construction was great pavement where recent cnstruction had tried to take the steepness out of the terrain.  In Big Pond we came upon Rita MacNeil's famous tea room.  We were unable to get a campsite at the local campground, so Rita's son, allowed us to fill up our fresh water tank.  I indulged in tea and fresh, homemade lemon meringue pie.  Brian had a quick cup of tea then headed out to fill up the trailer.  After the break, I couldn't seem to get going.  We pulled off on a vacant lot, for the night.  I was a little disappointed that \i couldn't continue on to Sydney, but as usual, Brian said he was proud of the 92 km I got in.  Tomorrow will be the big day!

Anne in front of St. Peter's Bay

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Day 75 – 21 August, 2011 – New Glasgow, Nova Scotia to Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia (C. B. I.)

My last Sunday ride! A lovely, clear morning 19 degrees to start.  I cycled back to Hwy 104 and the adventure began.  Hwy 104 is part of the Trans Canada Highway.  The McDonalds in these parts advertise McLobster Sandwiches.  The hill climbing was unbelievable and they just kept coming!  Large tracts of forest lined the roadway, but at the top of the hills you could see the water.  All morning the temperature kept rising to 30 degrees by lunchtime.  We pulled over near Monastery and we made lunch.  Food always tastes so great, when you are starving! After lunch it was very hot and the hills kept coming, but we were getting closer to Cape Breton Island.  We had read horror stories of cyclists trying to get across so I really wanted to do it on a Sunday.  Once we reached the Canso Causeway to cross on to Cape Breton Island, it wasn’t so bad!  We stopped for the night in Port Hawkesbury at 3:20 p.m.  As you can see, we are almost done.  We have approximately 148 km to our final destination of North Sydney.  I am nursing a blister so we are planning on reaching our goal on Tuesday....stay tuned folks! Total today 116 km.  Total to date, 6400 km!
Scenic View, Hwy 104 Nova Scotia

What a Hill

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Day 74 – 20th of August, 2011 – Pugwash, Nova Scotia to New Glassgow, Nova Scotia

Since we were in a campground last night, we didn’t want to walk up the neighbours, so we took our time getting going this morning.  By 8:45 a.m. I was cycling the 11 km back to Hwy 6.  As I went along, the hills intensified and I had a headwind.  A lot of the roadway is bordered by forest and at one point, I saw a “Bicycle Rest Stop” but it was on Black Bear Lane, so I didn’t stop.  Brian saw a bear eating blueberries, about 1 km away!!  Occasionally there would be a break in the trees and I could see Prince Edward Island across the Northumberland Strait.  In Tatamagouche, I rode past the Tim Horton’s
Children’s Camp.  All in all, it was turning into a pleasant day.  Earlier cloud cover broke into bright sunshine.  There wasn’t a shoulder on the road, but motorists were careful to get by me and there were no tractor/trailers.  I finally made it to Pictou around lunchtime.  After lunch, I went back through a roundabout to get to Hwy 106.  After 11 km, I took Hwy 104 straight into New Glassgow.  Total today 101 km.

Dept. of Vacation


Day 73 –19 August, 2011 - Shediac, New Brunswick to Pugwash, NOVA SCOTIA!

Last night we “camped” in the Canadian Tire parking lot in Shediac.  Our friend Sue came by this morning, to see us off.   It was cloudy and cool but pleasant on the bike.  I headed to Hwy 15.  It is a busy highway but it has a decent sized shoulder.  Winds were blowing steady all day, usually across the bike.  After 50 km I came to a round-about and took the second exit, Shemogue Road.  The road is a meandering, country road.  There are marshy wetlands that follow the Northumberland Strait.  On firmer ground are beautiful old homes with vegetable gardens and laundry hung outside, blowing in the wind.  It takes you back to bygone days.  There was also, no shortage of barking dogs!  Eventually we came to the intersection at Hwy 970 and a sign, welcoming us to Tidnish, Nova Scotia!!  Hwy 970 boasts as the Sunrise Trail, “Scenic Route” and it delivers.  Around the Northport area, there are some serious climbs.  Before we arrived in Pugwash, I had to “fuel up” at a fish and chip stand.  Brian wandered over to a fish market across the way and loaded up on lobster! Sue had told us about a campground in Pugwash.  Brian called ahead and reserved the LAST site.  We are camped tonite at Gulf Shore Camping Ground.  It is right on the water...Good Choice Sue! Brian golfed at Northumberland Links Golf Course.  It was the most beautiful and difficult course of the tour so far. Seven provinces down.....1 left to finish! Total today 106 km.

Sue  and Anne

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Day 72 - 18 August, 2011 - St. Margarets, New Brunswick to Shediac, New Brunswick

I know New Brunswick (and most of the Maritimes) have not had a sunny summer, but we are enjoying another great day! After I got going this morning, the groundskeeper from the Golf Course, came over and invited Brian to join him for a coffee.  What a nice way to start the day! The first half of the ride was  great, nice terrain, pretty rivers and lush green forests.  Brian stopped in Rexton for groceries, then met up with me further down Hwy 11.  That is when I gave him the news about my was like riding a bucking bronco! Hard to keep your bum in the saddle. Brian got some tools and did what he could, but he couldn't fix it.  I just had to find a spot on the seat and not move!  I had 44 km to get to Shediac.  I was glad that I didn't have any big climbs.  However I came to a construction zone where the asphalt had been removed and it was like riding on an accordion!  That continued for 10 km.  Once I got to Shediac, I cycled to the famous giant lobster.  After lunch at Captain Dan's on the wharf we loaded up the bike and drove into Moncton to Fitworks Cycle Shop.  Rheal was able to fix the seat.  Merci Beaucoup!  Our friends Sue and Randy met us for coffee after supper.  We will be spending more time with them in Moncton after the ride is done!  Today's total 100 km and the Grandtotal is now 6077 km.  Nova Scotia, here we come!

Randy, Sue, Anne and Brian


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Day 71 – 17 August, 2011 – Petit Rocher, New Brunswick to St. Margarets, New Brunswick

We woke to blue skies and sunshine today!  I took off around 8:15 a.m. and left Brian to break camp.  Apart from a big climb into Bathurst it was flat and scenic.  Once in Bathurst, there was a steep descent to a bridge over a river that rattled my teeth and blurred my vision and traffic was nuts~!  I stopped at an information booth, to reset my vision and get some direction.  Initially I thought I would take Hwy 134 to Hwy 8, but was advised to get on Highway 8 as soon as possible since Hwy 134 did not have a shoulder for cyclists.  I let Brian know, the change of route.  As soon as I got on to Hwy 8, I saw a basketball memorial for the 7 Bathurst High School students that were tragically killed January 12, 2008.  As I recall the coache’s wife was also killed and there was a separate memorial, I assume for her and the coach was seriously injured.  I said a little prayer.  Brian had taken a different route but we met up on Hwy 8.  The first half was flat and I had a tailwind.  Not so, with the last half! I still had the tailwind, but lots of climbs.  On the upside, the descents came before the ascents, so I had a little momentum and a chance to get the right gears going.  I arrived in Miramichi around lunchtime and decided to push through.  I had to cross the Miramichi Centennial Bridge opened in September, 1967.  To say it was a little scarry is an understatement!  The traffic was too busy to ride my bike and there wasn’t a bike lane.  Flo and I had to walk across using the narrow sidewalk.  It looks like the Ambassador Bridge and I have never desired to cycle across that!  Soon enough we were across and Brian was waiting on the other side.  We arrived in St. Margarets in time for him to get 18 holes in at the local golf course.  Total today 124 km.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Day 70, August 16,2011--Rest Day Petit Rocher, New Brunswick

After checking the weather forecast last night, and believe it or not, they were right.  Rain began last night at about 130am and has continued off and on all day today.  As we speak, it is teaming down.  So we had a leisurely morning.  After a restful morning, Anne and I went exploring.  Not much shopping available in Petit Rocher so we rolled into Bathurst.  Anne got some retail thereapy and a few hours off the bicycle.  While enroute back to the campgrounds Anne spotted a wholesale shop for seafood.(My dreams have come true) until I realized I didn't have a pan big enough to boil a lobster in.  So I settled for a bag of crab claws, another bag of scallops and some crab meat.  I will be spoiling my diet tonight.

The weather forecast looks much better for the next couple of days, so lets hope we can move forward tomorrow.  Less than 700Km to our trips end at North Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Day 69 - 15 August, 2011 - Near Atholville, New Brunswick to Petit Rocher,New Brunswick

Gloomy, cloudy day!  I started with a killer hill going into Tide Head....which is the Fiddlehead capitol of New Brunswick, according to the sign.  Today was a double H day.  Hills and a headwind, and I didn't feel like I had my climbing legs!  Went on to Atholville and then to Campbellton.  Brian scooped us a coffee in Campbellton and after that, I was into it!  We were enjoying beautiful scenery along the Chaleur Bay.  At times it was foggy, but I had a nice wide shoulder along Hwy 134 and traffic was light.  This route is called the Acadian Scenic Route.  We stopped for lunch along the bay in Charlo.  After lunch the sun popped out for a while.  The hills were punishing all the way to Belladune.  After that it levelled out.  There were lots of sawmills and pulp and paper processing plants.  It rained for about half and hour, then cleared.  Tonight we are camped at Murraywood Sur Mer Campground in Petit Rocher.  Since we crossed into New Brunswick, the clock advanced 1 hour.  Total today 112 km.

Campbellton Salmon

Day 68 – 14 August, 2011 – Sayabec, Quebec near Atholville, NEW BRUNSWICK!

Happy Birthday Aunt Iris and Cassie! It rained steadily through the night, so I wasn’t sure what the weather would bring today.  After breakfast we packed up and drove back to where Brian picked me up on Hwy 132.  Overcast skies but a pleasant 19 degrees, when I set off at 8:45 a.m.  A few steep hills to climb, but I soon heard the church bells ringing in Causapscal.  It was 10:50 a.m. and I know the bells were ringing for the service to begin, but for me, it was lunchtime!  I flagged Brian down and we went to a great little cafe that served up a terrific Homard (Lobster) Club Sandwich.  My Fisher”men” love their seafood!  Moving on....the road followed the Riviere A Saumon.  We saw people fly fishing in the river.  I saw a couple in a rowboat and it looked like the perfect way to spend the day....if you weren’t on a bike! The river was on my right and a huge rock face was on the left with trees as far as the eye could see.  I found Daniel and Natalie stopped at a rest stop.  They had a trailer identical to ours!  We had a nice chat and Brian joined us, when he caught up.  They are doing an ATV holiday in the Gaspe and live near Gatineau, Quebec.   But the skies were darkening! We felt like Smokie and the Bandit and the Smokie was the storm (that made us the Bandit)!  So I kept peddling.  New Brunswick was within our grasp.  We crossed over the river in to New Brunswick at 2:25 p.m., near Atholville.  Merci Quebec...Au Revoir!  Bon Jour, Nouveau Brunswick!  Total today 107 km.

Terrain of the Gaspe

Travelling Twins

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Day 67 – 13 August, 2011 – St. Simon, Quebec to Sayabec, Quebec

It was nice to see the sun, first thing this morning!  It was chilly so  we popped the heat on to warm things up.  Brian whipped up a great breakfast, and I was on the road by 7:15 a.m.  It was only 17 degrees.  As I cycled beside the St. Lawrence Seaway, I could smell the sea air.  It reminded me of Redcar, England.  There was very little traffic on Hwy 132.  The cobwebs were covered in dew.  It was nice and flat all the way to Le Bic and then the climbing began, all the way to Rimouski.  What a beautiful city Rimouski is and so bicycle friendly.  The Quebec Verte Route has special cycling lanes that follow the St Lawrence Seaway and Hwy 132.  Brian stopped to get groceries and I was on my own to Sainte Flavie.  It was a peaceful ride.  I find Quebec drivers to be very courteous.  After lunch in Sainte Flavie, Brian and I decided to cycle on to Sayabec.  The temperature was up to 25 degrees.  The hills kept coming!  At a rest stop about half way to Sayabec, I saw Brian loading a man’s bike into Flo’s parking space.  Flo was like, “What the hell!”  She couldn’t look and turned her handlebars! It turned out that “Bob’s” knee was painful and needed assistance getting to the town just beyond Sayabec.  Bob lives in Toronto (but was raised in Qubec City) is on a 2 week bike trip alone in the Gaspe.  Bob rode with Brian until our turn off for the Lac Malcolm Campground.  We offered to take him to his hotel, but he insisted on riding the last 25 km.  (He has our cell phone number in case he needs more help.)  So we are settled for the night, at the campground doing copious quantities of wet and muddy laundry!  Total today 124 km. 

Downhill is Good

Daisy Dog

Day 66 – 12th August, 2011 – Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec to St. Simon, Quebec

Rain, rain go away....Anne needs to ride her bike today!  It started off, as a warm, misty rain as I made my way through Riviere-du-Loup on Hwy 132.  I flagged Brian down on the east side of the city at a Normandin Restaurant.  We stopped for breakfast, hoping the rain would stop.  But it got worse!  As my Godmother would say, “It was chucking it down!”  After riding for about 6 km, I hit a construction zone.  I should have known that when the traffic guard said, “Bonne Chance!” I was in trouble.  At one point, myself and another cyclist were walking our bikes through people’s backyards.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  Brian was totally re-routed to Hwy 20.  I stopped at a convenience store to text Brian and take a picture of my feet.  On the up side, I was able to buy an English newspaper....the Globe and Mail.  We haven’t been able to find any English newspapers!  While I was paying for the paper, one of the ladies asked for my camera and took a picture of my back.  What a mess.  Brian eventually got back on Hwy 132 and we moved on to Trois Pistole’s.  Lot’s of big climbs and the temperature was dropping.  Fog settled in and we decided we had better find a spot for the night in St. Simon.  Total today 76 km.  Total to date 5,510 km.

Riding in Rain is Dirty Business

Friday, 12 August 2011

Day 65 – 11 August, 2011 – L’Islet, Quebec to Riviere du Loup, Quebec

It has rained through the night and promises to be a soggy day.  It is only 18 degrees when I set off at 8:00 a.m.  During one downpour, I huddled under a fruit vender’s tent.  (Through my broken French, I discovered his dog’s name was Ullysses.)  When the rain broke, I set off again, but the downpours just kept coming and I just kept going.  There was construction at Riviere Ouelle.  For 3 km, there was no asphalt, so by the end I was now covered in dirt.  At least I know when the new pavement goes down, there will be a nice bike lane/shoulder.  Brian kept showing up with snacks.  I think we both knew that if I stopped for lunch, I would be done!  There was some climbing today, but no bugs and no headwind.  There are other cyclists out here, which was strange.  One group is part of a tour from San Francisco to St John.  Around 1 p.m. the temperature started to drop and mist was forming on the roadway, limiting visibility.  Brian found a spot to pull over.  I had a shower, a bowl of soup and I was soon napping with Sassy!  Total today 96 km. 

Riviere Trois Saumon

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Day 64, Rest Day L'Islet, QC 10Aug2011

At 5:00AM today heavy rains began and continued until 8AM.  The weather forecast promised scattered showers all day with east winds, so we decided it was time Anne take a rest day.(Sorry Syl)  We had a leisurely morning and went shopping this afternoon in a small town just west of our stop.  I was able to get some passport photos taken so I could re-apply for my firearms licence and get that off in the mail.  Sassy I think is also enjoying the day off.

Sunset at L'Islet, QC

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Day 63 - 09 August, 2011 - St. Romauld, Quebec to L'Islet, Quebec

Another overcast, gloomy looking day......and chilly this morning.  Kind of between a hoodie and a bike shirt.  I was on Hwy 132 by 8 a.m. and tackling steep hills.  Brian tore my bike apart last night and the gears were firing! I had a stiff headwind today and had trouble keeping myself fired up.  I felt like Eyore looking for his tail.  Whoa is me!  I stopped for a sandwich and a glass of milk at 11 a.m.  I kept going, but still struggled with the wind, despite the beautiful scenery.  Lot's of local cyclists out enjoying the day and the bike lanes. Following the St. Lawrence Seaway is awe-inspiring! Brian showed up at one of our "meets" with a Tim Hortons coffee and a donut.  What a guy!  I must say, I felt more like Tigger after that! We stopped for the night at Municipal du Rocher Panet Campground in the town of l'Islet.  We stopped in L'Islet 5 years ago and toured the Marine Museum.  Total today 82 km.  (Total mileage to date 5338 km.)

Which Way Did He Go

Work Horses on Highway 132

Farmlands of Gaspe

Monday, 8 August 2011

Day 62 - 08 August, 2011 - Batiscan, Quebec to Saint Romuald, Quebec

Today is our 2 month anniversary on the bike! Gray skies again this morning and a respectable 20 degrees.  We packed up and headed back to where Brian had picked me up yesterday on Hwy 138.  We are following the St. Lawrence River and it is so picturesque.  The photo of the bridge (attached) crosses River Batiscan.  It was so long, I didn't want to punish Flo's tires on the iron floor, so I walked her across!  Some of the towns remind me of old European villages.  Beautiful cut stone homes built up to the roadway.  We stopped in Portneuf for an ice cream cone, which was a treat, since we don't have freezer space for ice cream.  The sun was trying to peak through, but the clouds were getting in the way.  There was some climbing today and that is when I realized that my larger gears weren't working, so my legs worked a little harder, especially in Donnacona.  We stopped and made lunch in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures.  When I reached Quebec City, we had to load the bike onto the trailer as bikes are not allowed on the bridge to cross the St. Lawrence River.  However, we saw a cyclist on the bridge!  Once across the bridge I set off again through St. Romauld and found a place to camp for the night. Total today 103 km.

Eglise Ste. Anne
Sainte-Anne-de-la-Perade, Quebec

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Day 61 - 07 August, 2011 - Joliette, Quebec to Batiscan, Quebec

After saying good-bye to our friends Beth and Bob (who brought us the London Free Press!!), I was on the road at 7:45 a.m.  It had rained through the night and was overcast and ominous.  It was already 24 degrees and humid.  As you know I love Sunday mornings and I wasn't disappointed today.  You have heard it before, but this was the best day of riding yet!  Riding out of Joliette was quiet and peaceful.  I returned to Hwy 158 and headed to Berthierville.  I passed through the village of St Thomas! We had noticed in 2005 that Quebec residents take great pride in their properties and meticulously maintain them.  We passed some beautiful gardens with Holly Hocks, Hydrangea's and Flocks in bloom.  The roadside ditches have golden rod in bloom and gold finches were everywhere.  I love the old architecture in the towns we passed through.  Trois Rivieres is a huge city and we wanted to get through it, before the work week starts tomorrow.  We stopped for lunch on the west side of the city, then pressed on.  Hwy 138 is well-marked through the city with accomodations for bicycles.  'Twas Great!  On the east side of the city, I hooked up with a cyclist who didn't seem to mind me drafting with him.  Between my French and his English I figured out, he was just out for a day ride and we rode together until we got to Batiscan.  As he left, he said wished me a Bonne Voyage (or said my pants were on fire!)  In Batiscan, we loaded up the bike and drove to Parc de la Peninsula Campground (which is 13 km north of Hwy 138).  As we pulled into the campground, raindrops were falling!  Total today 124 km.
This "dummy" in Louiseville is on the wrong
end of the saw!  His bum will hurt even more
when he is done!
Sailboats in Saint Maurice River in Trois Rivieres

Anne Cycling over narrow Bridge

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Day 60 - 06 August, 2011 - St. Jerome, Quebec to Joliette, Quebec

The ride today was pretty uneventful, except to say that it was hot and humid!  On the up side the landscape is flat and I had a tailwind.  I followed Hwy 158 all day and love how well signed the roadways are.  We met our friends, Beth and Bob (from St Thomas, Ontario) in Joliette.  We were so excited to see them.  Beth took video of our arrival!  Bob and Brian headed out to play golf and Beth and I hung out at the pool this afternoon.   We all went out for dinner and played cards this evening.  A great day with our friends...Thanks Beth and Bob for travelling all this way to see us! Total today 67 km.

Bob and Beth Spicer come to visit

Cooling off after golf