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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Day 61 - 07 August, 2011 - Joliette, Quebec to Batiscan, Quebec

After saying good-bye to our friends Beth and Bob (who brought us the London Free Press!!), I was on the road at 7:45 a.m.  It had rained through the night and was overcast and ominous.  It was already 24 degrees and humid.  As you know I love Sunday mornings and I wasn't disappointed today.  You have heard it before, but this was the best day of riding yet!  Riding out of Joliette was quiet and peaceful.  I returned to Hwy 158 and headed to Berthierville.  I passed through the village of St Thomas! We had noticed in 2005 that Quebec residents take great pride in their properties and meticulously maintain them.  We passed some beautiful gardens with Holly Hocks, Hydrangea's and Flocks in bloom.  The roadside ditches have golden rod in bloom and gold finches were everywhere.  I love the old architecture in the towns we passed through.  Trois Rivieres is a huge city and we wanted to get through it, before the work week starts tomorrow.  We stopped for lunch on the west side of the city, then pressed on.  Hwy 138 is well-marked through the city with accomodations for bicycles.  'Twas Great!  On the east side of the city, I hooked up with a cyclist who didn't seem to mind me drafting with him.  Between my French and his English I figured out, he was just out for a day ride and we rode together until we got to Batiscan.  As he left, he said wished me a Bonne Voyage (or said my pants were on fire!)  In Batiscan, we loaded up the bike and drove to Parc de la Peninsula Campground (which is 13 km north of Hwy 138).  As we pulled into the campground, raindrops were falling!  Total today 124 km.
This "dummy" in Louiseville is on the wrong
end of the saw!  His bum will hurt even more
when he is done!
Sailboats in Saint Maurice River in Trois Rivieres

Anne Cycling over narrow Bridge

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