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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Day 67 – 13 August, 2011 – St. Simon, Quebec to Sayabec, Quebec

It was nice to see the sun, first thing this morning!  It was chilly so  we popped the heat on to warm things up.  Brian whipped up a great breakfast, and I was on the road by 7:15 a.m.  It was only 17 degrees.  As I cycled beside the St. Lawrence Seaway, I could smell the sea air.  It reminded me of Redcar, England.  There was very little traffic on Hwy 132.  The cobwebs were covered in dew.  It was nice and flat all the way to Le Bic and then the climbing began, all the way to Rimouski.  What a beautiful city Rimouski is and so bicycle friendly.  The Quebec Verte Route has special cycling lanes that follow the St Lawrence Seaway and Hwy 132.  Brian stopped to get groceries and I was on my own to Sainte Flavie.  It was a peaceful ride.  I find Quebec drivers to be very courteous.  After lunch in Sainte Flavie, Brian and I decided to cycle on to Sayabec.  The temperature was up to 25 degrees.  The hills kept coming!  At a rest stop about half way to Sayabec, I saw Brian loading a man’s bike into Flo’s parking space.  Flo was like, “What the hell!”  She couldn’t look and turned her handlebars! It turned out that “Bob’s” knee was painful and needed assistance getting to the town just beyond Sayabec.  Bob lives in Toronto (but was raised in Qubec City) is on a 2 week bike trip alone in the Gaspe.  Bob rode with Brian until our turn off for the Lac Malcolm Campground.  We offered to take him to his hotel, but he insisted on riding the last 25 km.  (He has our cell phone number in case he needs more help.)  So we are settled for the night, at the campground doing copious quantities of wet and muddy laundry!  Total today 124 km. 

Downhill is Good

Daisy Dog

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