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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Day 74 – 20th of August, 2011 – Pugwash, Nova Scotia to New Glassgow, Nova Scotia

Since we were in a campground last night, we didn’t want to walk up the neighbours, so we took our time getting going this morning.  By 8:45 a.m. I was cycling the 11 km back to Hwy 6.  As I went along, the hills intensified and I had a headwind.  A lot of the roadway is bordered by forest and at one point, I saw a “Bicycle Rest Stop” but it was on Black Bear Lane, so I didn’t stop.  Brian saw a bear eating blueberries, about 1 km away!!  Occasionally there would be a break in the trees and I could see Prince Edward Island across the Northumberland Strait.  In Tatamagouche, I rode past the Tim Horton’s
Children’s Camp.  All in all, it was turning into a pleasant day.  Earlier cloud cover broke into bright sunshine.  There wasn’t a shoulder on the road, but motorists were careful to get by me and there were no tractor/trailers.  I finally made it to Pictou around lunchtime.  After lunch, I went back through a roundabout to get to Hwy 106.  After 11 km, I took Hwy 104 straight into New Glassgow.  Total today 101 km.

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