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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Day 75 – 21 August, 2011 – New Glasgow, Nova Scotia to Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia (C. B. I.)

My last Sunday ride! A lovely, clear morning 19 degrees to start.  I cycled back to Hwy 104 and the adventure began.  Hwy 104 is part of the Trans Canada Highway.  The McDonalds in these parts advertise McLobster Sandwiches.  The hill climbing was unbelievable and they just kept coming!  Large tracts of forest lined the roadway, but at the top of the hills you could see the water.  All morning the temperature kept rising to 30 degrees by lunchtime.  We pulled over near Monastery and we made lunch.  Food always tastes so great, when you are starving! After lunch it was very hot and the hills kept coming, but we were getting closer to Cape Breton Island.  We had read horror stories of cyclists trying to get across so I really wanted to do it on a Sunday.  Once we reached the Canso Causeway to cross on to Cape Breton Island, it wasn’t so bad!  We stopped for the night in Port Hawkesbury at 3:20 p.m.  As you can see, we are almost done.  We have approximately 148 km to our final destination of North Sydney.  I am nursing a blister so we are planning on reaching our goal on Tuesday....stay tuned folks! Total today 116 km.  Total to date, 6400 km!
Scenic View, Hwy 104 Nova Scotia

What a Hill

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