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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Day 70, August 16,2011--Rest Day Petit Rocher, New Brunswick

After checking the weather forecast last night, and believe it or not, they were right.  Rain began last night at about 130am and has continued off and on all day today.  As we speak, it is teaming down.  So we had a leisurely morning.  After a restful morning, Anne and I went exploring.  Not much shopping available in Petit Rocher so we rolled into Bathurst.  Anne got some retail thereapy and a few hours off the bicycle.  While enroute back to the campgrounds Anne spotted a wholesale shop for seafood.(My dreams have come true) until I realized I didn't have a pan big enough to boil a lobster in.  So I settled for a bag of crab claws, another bag of scallops and some crab meat.  I will be spoiling my diet tonight.

The weather forecast looks much better for the next couple of days, so lets hope we can move forward tomorrow.  Less than 700Km to our trips end at North Sydney, Nova Scotia.

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