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Friday, 5 August 2011

Day 59 - 05 August, 2011 - Rockland, Ontario to St. Jerome, QUEBEC!

Our long Ontario odyssey is done! We had breakfast with Bo and Melissa and then left their retreat along the river and headed out Hwy 17 again.  I cycled through Alfred and then took a route Meli had suggested.  We turned onto Blue Corners Road and turned right on to Bay Road.  This road follows the river and is just so beautiful and it has BRAND NEW ASPHALT!!! We eventually made our way through Hawkesbury and to the bridge to cross into Quebec.  The temperature had climbed to 28 degrees.  I cycled to Hwy 148 and we were heading east on a nice wide shoulder.  There is some construction where a pilot vehicle escorts traffic.  The pilot vehicle, had brought the traffic from the other side and pulled over to let it pass.  The first car through, had a male driver.  He started yelling, in French at the poor traffic person with the stop sign.  She threw down her cigarette, then started yelling at him.  It went back and forth, with all kinds of arm movements!  Finally they were out of ear shot of each other.  She saw me, and started saying something in French.  She paused for a breath and I told her I didn't speak French.  She let out a sigh and summed the whole thing up in one word......"MEN"!!!  Myself and the man in the car beside me, burst out laughing.  I met Brian in LaChute for lunch.  Brian made a fabulous cold plate of vegetables and cheese and fruit.  After passing through LaChute, the road changed to Hwy 158.  We arrived in St. Jerome at 2:30 p.m.  We stopped at a bike store, then found Lac Lafontaine Campground.  Bo and Melissa and Melissa's parents, Mario and Francine drove up for dinner and we all went to Boston Pizza!  Total today 110 km.

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