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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Day 71 – 17 August, 2011 – Petit Rocher, New Brunswick to St. Margarets, New Brunswick

We woke to blue skies and sunshine today!  I took off around 8:15 a.m. and left Brian to break camp.  Apart from a big climb into Bathurst it was flat and scenic.  Once in Bathurst, there was a steep descent to a bridge over a river that rattled my teeth and blurred my vision and traffic was nuts~!  I stopped at an information booth, to reset my vision and get some direction.  Initially I thought I would take Hwy 134 to Hwy 8, but was advised to get on Highway 8 as soon as possible since Hwy 134 did not have a shoulder for cyclists.  I let Brian know, the change of route.  As soon as I got on to Hwy 8, I saw a basketball memorial for the 7 Bathurst High School students that were tragically killed January 12, 2008.  As I recall the coache’s wife was also killed and there was a separate memorial, I assume for her and the coach was seriously injured.  I said a little prayer.  Brian had taken a different route but we met up on Hwy 8.  The first half was flat and I had a tailwind.  Not so, with the last half! I still had the tailwind, but lots of climbs.  On the upside, the descents came before the ascents, so I had a little momentum and a chance to get the right gears going.  I arrived in Miramichi around lunchtime and decided to push through.  I had to cross the Miramichi Centennial Bridge opened in September, 1967.  To say it was a little scarry is an understatement!  The traffic was too busy to ride my bike and there wasn’t a bike lane.  Flo and I had to walk across using the narrow sidewalk.  It looks like the Ambassador Bridge and I have never desired to cycle across that!  Soon enough we were across and Brian was waiting on the other side.  We arrived in St. Margarets in time for him to get 18 holes in at the local golf course.  Total today 124 km.

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