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Sunday, 1 May 2011

We Are in Final Countdown

May 1st.  Anne thought it would never get here.  Four weeks from tomorrow, the adventure begins.  Yesterday Anne got out for a good ride.  Finally some sun.  She left Blenheim, riding along the Ridge Rd. to the Kent Bridge Rd to McKay's Corners.  There Anne met up with Retired Sgt. John Bloxham.  The two then continued east from McKay's Corners to 21 Hwy and then North into Thamesville.  John and Anne then had a lunch/breakfast at Mary's Restaurant in Thamesville, where they met up with another retired co-worker Albert Covemaker and his wife Mary.  After lunch, Anne and John went west along 2hwy to Kent Bridge.  They then crossed over the Thames River(south) and followed the River Line to Communication Rd.  John then continued into Chatham and Anne came north to Blenheim on Communication Rd.  A good ride. 

And of course, today it is raining again, so unsure if Anne will be able to get in a ride today.

Attached is a picture of Anne, John Bloxham, and Albert Covemaker.

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