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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Getting Ready

Here we are, April 28th and waiting for the weather to improve.  Training has been tough this last while with constant spring storms.  We know things will improve though and Anne is able to get some rides in, between storms.  The rides may only be an hour or two long, but it is time on the bike and we are glad she is getting the time when breaks in the weather occur.

We have gotten the trailer out of storeage and now I can= de-winterize it.  The good thing about all the rain is that it will wash most of the dust off that accumulated on the trailer over the winter in the shed.  We will leave the trailer in Dresden for a couple of more weeks, and then bring it to Blenheim.  Then the process of packing and storing our gear will begin.  We have also begun, the process of fine tuning our route with maps of each province, bicycle path routes of Vancouver and Calgary and all of these fun things. 

Time is winding down, with just 32 days till the adventure begins.  Take Care and we will update soon.

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