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Friday, 8 April 2011


The weather has not been cooperating for Anne and her training but she is getting some bike time.  Yesterday, 07April2011, We both went for a 25k ride.  About half way through the fog dropped in and the ride became a little risky, but a breeze came up and we managed to finish the ride.

Today, Anne and I had some errands to do in St. Thomas, Ontario so we took Anne's bike with us to St. Thomas.  Well at about 345pm Anne finally got to set off for Blenheim.  Forty kilometers later, just west of  Wallacetown, I caught up with Anne.  She was literally half way to Blenheim, but the weather was turning sour, it had been overcast all day, the temperatures were dropping and dark conditions were setting in.  So I managed to pursuade her to call it a day, and do the complete ride another day.  So the training is continuing, and plans go ahead.

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