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Friday, 22 April 2011

Time Marches On

     Well here it is Good Friday, 2011 and we are still hoping for some warmer weather.  The prediction is that next week the temperatures will improve but lots of rain in the forecast.  Anne is getting riding time in, but of course not only is it bicycle training, it is training to dress for the weather.  Always something to learn, but a good time to learn all the tricks, because we are sure we will hit all types of weather in our adventure.
     Preparations are going along.  Monday is, "Get the trailer out of storeage day" because the farm where it is stowed for the winter, will be getting farm machinery ready and the trailer is in the way.  The trailer will sit at the farm for a couple of more weeks, but I will get it cleaned up and ready to bring to Blenheim in a few weeks.  Then the packing of the trailer will begin.
     So friends, not much else to report at this time, but we are anxious and looking forward to the end of May to get started.

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