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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Day 25 - 02 July 2011 Chamberlain to Regina, Saskatchewan

Regina! Great big downhill and uphill into the city.  Today is very hot (25 degrees C.) but I was off the road by 1 p.m.  We travelled 90 km today.  We are treating ourselves to a hotel and Red Lobster tonight.  After we checked in, we went out to the trailer to pack a few things and found our trailer had a buddy parked in behind!  This is a 1965 model and the proud "parents" are from Florida.  They were even driving a similar tow vehicle.  Ours is the Rav and their's is a Toyota Highlander. We foolishly went to Western Cycle today for new tires....and bought tires plus, plus, plus!  We have changed our route to the Trans-Canada Hwy, for a few reasons.  The most important being, consistent good pavement.  It may be more difficult for Brian to finding waiting spots though.  The second reason is to prevent dogs from chasing me.  I am not so concerned about getting bitten as I am about the darn dog getting killed by a car.  And the third is, I am hoping that I will bump into other riders.  I have found that a little company can be a great motivator.

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