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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Day 37 - 14 July, 2011 Upsala, Ontario to Kakabeka Falls, Ontario

It was a chilly start at 7:50 a.m. but the sun was shining.  The day warmed up as I cruised along Hwy 17 East.  The C.P. rail lines ran beside the road.  Traffic increased as the day went along.  Approximately 20 km outside of Upsala, the time changed to Eastern Standard Time.  We are now in the same time zone as our children (except for Blythe who is vacationing in Calgary).  I saw a dead moose today on the side of the road and car parts and glass littered the road.  I was hoping that the vehicle occupants were alright.  When we got to Raith, there was a sign noting the Atlantic Watershed and on the flip side, the Arctic Watershed.  All streams going south, end up in the Atlantic Ocean and all streams going north go to the Arctic Ocean.  Raith also marked the spot where the flat road, became a giant roller coaster.  The climbing was unbelievable but so was the view and the ride down the other side.  Brian met me for lunch in Shabaqua.  After lunch I cycled to the Hwy 102 split, that bypasses Thunder Bay.  We decided to head to Kakabeka Falls and do the tourist thing for the afternoon.  Tomorrow I will return to the Highway 102 bypass and take up where I left off.  Total km 93.

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