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Friday, 8 July 2011

Day 30 – 07 July, 2011 Carberry Manitoba to Portage la Prairie, Manitoba

I slept a solid 10 hours last night.  I think I was feeling the effects of dehydration yesterday.  This morning I was on the road by 8:30 a.m. under a beautiful, clear blue sky.  The temperature was already 23 degrees.  Just after Carberry, the shoulder disappeared and I had to ride on the fog line for 12 km.  The traffic was great to move over.  I try to wave thanks to these big rigs that make an effort to move over.  Lots will toot their horns after they have passed me.  One tractor/trailer unit was beside another one, and I had to quickly stop and get on to the shoulder.  It is amazing what you smell as you put down the miles.  Some of the more interesting ones are wildflowers, livestock trucks, cigarette smoke from passing vehicles and today perfume from an open Jeep.  Martin has me counting cars on the train tracks.  Today I counted 99 cars with 2 engines pulling.  I waved and the engineer opened his window and waved back.  Brian stopped in Austin to fill up with propane and when I saw him next he had a blue slushy for me!  I was going through water like crazy today, so I took a break and stood in the shade of the trailer and slurped that slushy down! The shoulder of the road disappeared again 3 km out of Portage la Prairie.  The traffic was pretty intense, but again, everyone made an effort to go around me.  We stopped in Portage la Prairie for lunch at Boston Pizza.  We were able to hook into their wifi and check email.  Then the manager, heard what we were doing and comped our meal!  Thanks Janine.  In closing, we are attaching a picture of Blythe’s project at work.  The teachers and the kids at the Aspen Daycare, have  been following our day to day progress.  Total today 93 km.

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