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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Day 50 - July 27, 2011 - South Baymouth (Manitoulin) to Johnsons Harbour, Ontario

Not much cycling today, only 22 km, but we saw so much!  I had a short ride from the camp to the ferry dock, where we hung out in the sunshine talking to other cross Canada cyclists waiting for the Chi-Cheemaun.  One of the cyclists, was a proud 73 year old woman from England!  Go Girl!  We arrived in Tobermory at 3:30 p.m. and disembarked.  We unloaded the bike and I started peddling southbound on Highway #6, heading to our friends Jug and Betty's in Johnson's Harbour.  In no time, I was there.  Jug and Betty are visiting family in Toronto.  Thanks so much you two for all your love and support over the past 50 days.  We are so grateful for the hospitality....and the sticky buns!  Kiki and Sassy were nose to nose at the garden door.  Sassy wasn't feeling the love!

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  1. Hi Anne - I was hoping Pat (Dan's sister) could have met up with you when you got off the ferry -but I did not know your ETA - knew it would be anytime after reading your blog on the 25th - But I'm glad you had a spot to camp out at Jug & Betty - it would have probably been neat to see familiar faces (even though you really don't know Pat but you have heard me talk about her) - take care and have fun!