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Friday, 29 July 2011

Day 52, July 29th, 2011—Owen Sound to Shelburne, Ontario

Last night we spent the night in a park owned by the City of Owen Sound called Harrison Park, and it is quite the family set up.  However we spent a relaxing night in the trailer with the air conditioning going.  It began to rain about 4:30am and rained until about 9:30am.  So with the rain came a late start to our day.  At 10:15am, 21Celcius and clearing skies Anne set off down 10Hwy.
The terrain was much hillier than expected with ALOT of long rolling hills but Anne conquered them one at a time.  After 47Km we stopped for lunch at a little cafe in Markdale, Ontario

Camoflauge Sheep
 After our lunch break, Anne continued south on 10Hwy arriving in Shelburne at 3:45pm and completing 90km.  The afternoon traffic has been heavy, so we decided to park for the night in Shelburne, leaving a short run into Orangeville tomorrow. It is nice to be in Southern Ontario, after 16 days crossing Northern Ontario.  Now we are seeing crops growing in fields instead of bush after bush.
Anne and Sassy relaxing in Markdale

Horses playing peek-a-boo

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