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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Day 40 - 17th July, 2011 Rossport, Ontario to Marathon, Ontario

Fog rolled in last night and was still heavy when we woke up this morning.  It had lifted enough by 9:42 a.m. and I set off.  It was a chilly 15 degrees.  Lots of hills to negotiate but by the time I got to Schreiber, the fog had lifted and the temperature was up to the mid 20's. Sometimes as I am peddling along, my thoughts wander, lately to the book I am reading (Half Broke Horses). I was also thinking about pancakes....dripping with syrup.  Moving on to Terrace Bay, I noticed the fog rolling in and folding over the trees and on to the road.  With it came a chilling wind.  I arrived at Terrace Bay at 11:40 a.m. and we decided to stop for an early lunch at the Red Dog Inn.  Guess what I had for lunch!  Yep, dripping in syrup!  By 12:35 p.m. I was heading to Marathon.  The fog gradually lifted and the temperatures shot up again.  What a day...jacket on/jacket off!  We are camped at the Neys Lunch and Campground.  Total today 87 km.  Total Trip to Date 3335 km.

Up, Up and Up some more

View from Neys Prov. Park Lookout


  1. All of your pictures probably don't express the beauty and wonder you are experiencing but they are pretty cool to look at. You, also a wonder! You are doing great! Keepa peddlin!!!!

  2. Try and stay cool! It's going to be a HOT week!