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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Day 33 Falcon Lake, Manitoba to Kenora, ONTARIO!!!

10 July, 2011 HAPPY FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY, DREW AND KATE!!! We are so proud of you both! And hello Ontario! It seems strange to see so many Ontario licence plates!  I left the beautiful summer resort town of Falcon Lake, Manitoba at 7:44 a.m.  It was already hot and humid.  I love cycling on Sunday mornings.  There was virtually no traffic on the Trans Canada Hwy this morning and you can hear everything moving around in the bush.  I should mention that the topography has changed to rocks and trees and hills and valleys.  Around every corner is another breath-taking view.  As I entered Ontario I passed a lake with loons paddling around and calling to each other.  Brian saw them too.  Truly magical.  I also saw quite a few dead painted turtles on the road this morning.  I saw one that looked like it hadn't been hit yet and it was in a live lane of traffic.  I stopped my bike and got off to move it.  once my sunglasses were off, it became apparent that it was just a rock!!! (I moved it anyway...) We met up at the Pinetree Restaurant and Gift Shop.  I had a piece of the best home-made apple pie and coffee.  We continued into Kenora arriving around lunch time.  What a beautiful city built on Lake of the Woods.  I also noticed alot of day cyclers come in and out of the city.  I also met Vic, who is a great-grandfather to 4 and cycles everyday, whether he is at the "cabin" or his winter home in Florida.  Total km 67 today.


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  1. Welcome back to two of Ontario's finest!!!!✰✰✰✰✰